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At Mizzentop, we are continually looking to our Living Values to guide us as a community of caring and responsible citizens. This year, guided by the values of Unity, Respect, Tolerance and Love, we are pleased to announce Mizzentop’s “Representation Matters” initiative. 

Despite being a small school, our families represent a vast variety of backgrounds. Within the Mizzentop parent body we have non-native citizens from more than 25 countries across 6 continents! We consider ourselves fortunate that we are able to share and learn from so many diverse backgrounds in a welcoming and respectful environment. 

Tahira Bellinger-Simmons, an expert in Culturally Responsible Education, conducted a seminar during our faculty in-service training last week. Ms. Bellinger-Simmons challenged our staff to augment lesson plans and discussions so each student can see their background represented in lessons, stories and images throughout the year. This is not only for ethnicity but also religion, sexual orientation, ability and learning style. Each student brings special insights into the classroom and our faculty is committed to
continually improving how we embrace that individuality. 

Outside the classroom, Mizzentop would like to host a Faces of Mizzentop event. Parents and students are invited to lay out a table representing their heritage- such as photos, food samples, music, art flags, clothing samples and any cultural items. The entire community will be invited to get to know where we all are from! Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks.  

We are looking for a small team of planners and supporters of our Representation Matters initiative. If you would like to be involved, or if you have ideas about representation for your child, please email