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If you're familiar with Mizzentop's logo, you will recognize the words, "Explore, Experience, Discover." Through Mizzentop's curriculum, we encourage students to experience, discover, and explore the world around them. We are also committed to fostering students' exploration of their inner experience by introducing them to mindfulness practices throughout the day at our private day school.

A broad definition of mindfulness refers to awareness of the present moment accompanied by a non-judgmental attitude of curiosity and openness. Mindfulness is considered a skill that can develop with practice. Research has shown that mindfulness practices show promise in the field of education, including areas of academic success, attention/concentration, emotional self-regulation, and pro-social ways of relating.

Since Mizzentop's curriculum includes fostering Living Values, such as peace and unity, we are excited to incorporate mindfulness practices in the exploration of such values. Being aware of one's values and choices at any given moment can often lead to choosing healthier options.


Dr. Sylvia Congett
Board Member, Mindfulness Director

A headshot of Dr. Sylvia Congett