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Lunch Program

Mizzentop is proud to offer a nutritious lunch program prepared by culinary trained Chef Brewer! We start with fresh ingredients and prepare many of our menu items from scratch. Homemade dishes like Korean Rice Bowl, Pasta 3 Ways and Roasted Chicken are loved by all the students, while priced to be affordable. Each healthful meal is carefully prepared with nutritional considerations in mind to encourage trying new and diverse foods.  Participation in the lunch program is optional.

For $5.00/day for lower and middle school students (1-8) and $4.00/day for early childhood students (PreK and K), you can choose either the hot lunch listed on the monthly menu or a sandwich. Each meal includes fresh fruit, vegetable and other side options, as well as milk. 

You may opt to buy lunch on a monthly basis. Simply return the bottom portion of your issued lunch menu with payment and completed lunch menu if you wish to buy lunch. Accommodations for allergies, food sensitivities, vegetarian or vegan requests are available for every meal. Bon Appetit!

**Allergies are always treated with respect in the Mizzentop kitchen and dining area with our nut free zones and strict avoidance of cross-contamination.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact Chef Brewer at