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A female student singing for a play
A female student poses with a butterfly that landed on her arm
a female student working on a Chrome Book

Mizzentop’s school day rarely ends at our 3:20 dismissal time! Our faculty and staff are committed to creating new and exciting enrichment opportunities for our students throughout the year. Through drama, music, art, athletics, technology and beyond, there are so many ways Mizzentoppers can expand their horizons! 

Here's just a sampling of the clubs our school may offer in any given year:

 Pokemon Club Homework Club Chess Club Music Lessons
                                               Mizzentop Studio Theater (MIST Middle School)                                              Mizzentop Studio Theater (MIST Lower School)
Inter-scholastic Athletics:
Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse, Tennis 

Yoga for Parents 

There's always something for the students to get involved in here at Mizzentop. Whether it's joining Running Club or being a part of the Advisory program, the students here are always finding new ways to better themselves and the world around them.

Alexis Maturo, MDS Marketing Director

Be sure to check out our School Calendar for up-to-date information about upcoming Clubs and Events!