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Community Service

Mizzentop’s Living Values Curriculum creates a natural framework for our students to learn the importance of community service. Responsibility, cooperation and love, to name a few, guide our faculty and students as they seek to become better citizens of the world. Our school makes an annual commitment to serve 3 area charities: The Pawling Resource Center, The Ryan McElroy Foundation and The Putnam Humane Society. 

Additionally, our students have actively supported The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation, The Special Olympics, The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation, Miles of Hope and more! 

Within the Mizzentop Community, our students continually seek ways to improve the school they live in. From building an accessibility ramp to weeding the gardens to cleaning the fish tanks, when it comes to improving our world, our students know that the best place to start is at home.

Mrs. Colbert's 2020 Advisory Group standing amongst their completed project of building an accessibility ramp at Mizzentop's main entrance.

Pawling Resource Center

Putnam Humane Society | Provide care and shelter for homeless dogs and cats  of Putnam County New York until they are adopted into their "forever homes."