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Welcome to Mizzentop Day School Admissions! 

I’m Eileen Cuneo, and I have had the pleasure of being the Director of Admissions at Mizzentop Day School for 7 years. More importantly, all three of my children are MDS alumni. Even today, I can still remember the feeling I got that very first time I entered the school lobby. It felt like home. Eileen Cuneo

All these years later it still feels like home. This school is a place of welcoming and caring. I know first hand that Mizzentop’s academics are second to none, with individualized learning plans implemented by teachers who are as much partners to parents as they are educators. 

What binds this community together are the Living Values. These principles are not just for our students, but for all of us. Mizzentop makes all of us- students, parents, faculty and staff- better people. I look forward to showing you what we can do for your family. 

Please reach out to me at any time at (845) 855-7338 or 

Mizzentop is the only school in the United States to fully implement the Living Values Educational Program throughout every grade.