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Transitional Kindergarten

Mizzentop Day School Presents: Transitional Kindergarten Program

The covid experience has impacted children of different ages in different ways.
As educators, a trend we are seeing is a gap in social development among our early childhood students. We are meeting an unprecedented amount of students who may be academically ready to take on Kindergarten, but may be be socially too young to handle the rigor of a Mizzentop Kindergarten day.
To address the needs of these students-many of whom lost a year of PreK due to Covid-Mizzentop Day School is announcing a hybrid Kindergarten program. This will serve children who are of Kindergarten age, turning 5 before December 1, 2022.
The program will consist of the following:

Five full day program only

Kindergarten curriculum for developing routine and structure with focus on both cooperative learning and independent learning

A curriculum that bridges the academic goals of our Sr. PreK and Kindergarten 

Two specials per day 

No rest time 

Small class size to support and encourage each child

Extra attention given to developing social skills

Because this is a Kindergarten program and not preschool, families who feel they may qualify are welcome to apply for financial assistance. Tuition will be set at Kindergarten rates.

There are limited openings in this program. Email Eileen Cuneo at right away.

Build a robot, act in the play, tell a new story; at Mizzentop, your teachers encourage you to step up and stand out. This is where children find their voice and see the world as theirs to discover.