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Special Areas

The Special Areas Division comprises the following disciplines: Technology, Music, Visual Arts, Library, Physical Education, Lower School Health and Lower School Spanish.  The Special Areas Division is responsible for the integration of curriculum at MDS and continually works with all home room and academic teachers to accomplish this goal.  The Special Areas provide an enriched curriculum in each of the independent disciplines.

The primary goal of the division is consistent with the mission statement, “to promote the joy of learning and academic achievement using multi-sensory, project based methodology and curriculum integration across disciplines”. We focus on teaching our individual disciplines (Art, Physical Education, Music, Technology, Library, Health, and Spanish) and finding  consistent methods of integrating them across the academic subjects. In terms of the School’s philosophy and culture, we teach, model, and incorporate our living values with our curriculums. Special area classrooms also provide an environment using STET practices that empower the students to take responsibility for their actions and choices