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Welcome to MDS


Love and respect are the common language here at our private school in Pawling, NY. Learning excites the mind and sparks new ideas through our connected curriculum and culture of Living Values. At Mizzentop, the courage to speak, to dream, and to create becomes a way of life.

Welcome to MDS

Our Schools

Early Childhood

Pre-K through Kindergarten

Your Child's Love of Learning Starts Here.

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Lower School

First Grade through Fourth Grade

Independent Students, Curious Learners, and Mindful Citizens

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Middle School

Fifth Grade through eighth Grade

Today's Students. Tomorrow's Leaders.

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Our Voices

Our Voices

Patrick G. '21

In my short time here, I made great friends and even greater memories that I will forever remember. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to come to Mizzentop and become part of the family. Part of that family now moves on to new roads, to new possibilities, and to new freedoms.

Our Voices

Angela I. ‘14

Every little moment and experience I have had at Mizzentop may have seemed small to me at the time but when I look back now, I realize that they were bigger.

Our Voices

Katy F., MDS Parent

Mizzentop is the place where young minds grow & flourish, a place that centers a community. My children have had the most incredible school experience, this is the greatest gift we could give them. 

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